Where the Lost Wander: A Novel

Written by:
Amy Harmon

Jessica's Review:

Set on the Oregon trail in 1853. Naomi May leaves everything she knows behind to set off with her growing family out West.
John Lowry is a boy born from a Shoshone mother and a white settler father who is raised by his father and stepmother. The real story inside this book, for me anyway, are the female relationships that form the man, John Lowry, who we come to know and love throughout the stoic journey, the journey where we follow Amy and John's love story.

Amy is later captured by the Shoshone along the fraught trail and becomes 'The lost women'. John finds her again, but 'The lost women' she remains until she is ready to join her life with John again.
A book with true historical figures woven through are always my favourite books to read!

Chief Washabe was a real man who lived for 100 years and is remembered as being a stalwart in protecting his people and wanting to promote peace between the white settlers and the native Americans.

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